Thursday 25 December 2008

Dream Phone

I am not a technology freak. I am happy with my Nokia 8310 until recently, when I have bought my wife a Sony Ericsson w760i.

w760i is an excellent mobile phone indeed. I am not going to spend time describing how great this phone is. Google it if you are interested.

The main reason why I am particularly interested in this mobile set is because of its built-in GPS feature. Of course there are many such phones out there in the market, but of all this particular set caught my eye. It is value for money.

I tried out the built-in GPS navigation. It works brilliantly. I couldn't resist but went crazy in digging out the features of the phone. I installed bunch of Java software applications, games, etc. I tried out the RSS feeds, etc etc. I was impressed, deeply.

I have been in the denial state of technology, but now I am beginning to change. I often tell my wife that the reason I do not want to trash my Nokia is because I am waiting for my dream phone, a phone that has all features I am looking for. So, what features? Sorry, I don't know, really. I simply feel the current mobile phones in the market are still lacking some "basic" features that inspire me to buy.

When Google announced its phones, I thought this could be the one I have been looking for, and I was dissapointed. When iPhone was launched, I thought this could be the one I have been looking for, and I was even more dissapointed.

But now, looks like my dream phone is emerging somewhere...

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