Saturday 20 September 2008

Google Chrome

Have downloaded and tried Google Chrome at Light, not cumbersome. But not much surprised.

I expected Google to have integrated their Docs and Spreadsheet, Maps, Earth, Gmail, Calender, etc applications into Chrome, making it a virtual desktop. But what I have seen was just a simple browser with some security features.

When Google have these applications integrated, users can practically have any OS installed in their PC or laptop. To access these applications, just launch the browser and log on to the Google account, and they are there for you, free. The shortcoming is of course you must be able to access Internet. Still, with the increasing area coverage, bandwidth, and stability, the future is bright.

Privacy is of an issue, of course. This is what you pay for a free service.

Maybe this is just an early version. I look forward to Google's new version with these application integrated.

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