Tuesday 12 July 2011

For those who have been diagnosed to have gallstones in your gallbladder, and who have been approached by the health specialist who suggested that you can flush your gallstones via natural way, please read this article before you do so. I am one of them, and here is my experience. Two weeks ago I went for my ultrasound scan, and was diagnosed to have a gallstone measuring 1.14 cm across in my gallbladder next to the duct. Like many others, I went for the natural treatment suggested. The regimen is all over the net, you can find it yourself. In brief, the treament procedure suggests: 1. Consume at least 4 apples (or equivalent juice) per day for five days. Apple juice is said to be able to soften the gallstone. I consumed equivalent to 8 apples per day, just to be at the safe side. 2. On the sixth day, fast from 2pm. At 6pm and 8pm, take 1 teaspoon Epsom salt mix with water. At 10pm, drink a full cup of mixed five to eight fresh lemon juice with olive oil. Lemon juice is to break the stones down to smaller pieces so they are easier to flush out. Olive oil helps to produce large amount of bile to flush the stones out of the gallbladder to the intestine. 3. On the seventh day, the stones will be flushed out following pass motion, and these stones are green colour and floating on the water surface. There will be multiple of them, with the size of pea. Yes, I followed these procedure, and yes, these stones did come out. I flushed away some, but there were still tens of them. If you google "gallstones" on the net, look for little-green-pea like gallstones, that's similar to mine. I was confused, that I had only one big gallstone detected but I flushed out multiple of them? The explanation given was, they are too small to be detected by ultrasound machine. I bought the explanation despite the fact that the ultrasound machine is capable of detecting a stone as small as 2mm, told by the radiographer. Anyway, this regimen works, doesn't it? Unfortunately it doesn't, I am sorry. The so-called gallstones is not gallstone afterall. They are merely crystalized substance formed via a process call saponification, loosely translated to soap-like formation, between the olive oil and the lemon. In my case, I left the so-called gallstones on the newspaper, it disolved over days, and dissapeared after a few days, leaving behind a stack of oily newspaper. But how do I prove that my gallstone was not flushed out? Simple, I back my above statement via the second ultrasound scan. Yes, the stone is still there, as big as it was. In fact, when I went back to the hospital the second time, the doctor and the rediographer were smiling at me. The doctor asked: "Now you have done your traditional treatment. So when do you want to schedule for the operation?" The radiograher asked: "You came two weeks ago and you are here today, you must have tried the traditional treatment, didn't you?... oh yeah, I can see on the screen that the stone is still here, unchanged. I am sorry." My advice, don't waste your time with this remedy, go to see doctor when you develop symptons of gallsone.

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