Wednesday 2 April 2008

Selangor Berhad

The Selangor state government is opening door to the public for the city and town council posts. Well, good news though, but not the best news.

Now Khalid has delivered his words - run the state government like a corporation, and he is the CEO. I presume now the council members can be sacked immediately if they do not perform.

However, as the monthly fixed allowance of the council member is merely RM300 to RM500, with extra transport allowance of RM50 per meeting of up to five times a month (i.e. RM250 per month), the total income is less than RM1,000 per month. Hey, our factory operators are earning much more!

Now you tell me how these council members survive? This still leaves a corruption loophole. The state government has to fix this before actually implementing the system. How? Increase the allowance, of course. Corruption is inversely proportional to the salary.

I know these systems will help to bring the state one big step forward. I just know.

Tan Sri Khalid, I look forward to it.

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